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Choro's Woodland Encounter by TrufflesVonLaw Choro's Woodland Encounter :icontrufflesvonlaw:TrufflesVonLaw 33 8
Village Request - Snuffler Stampede - Terrano
A great rumbling shook the ground throughout Mana Village. The air was filled with sounds of panic, as Chiots ran back and forth, some panicking, some preparing for action. Any Chiot high enough to see beyond the village would notice a cloud of dust moving towards the entrance at an alarming rate.
“Snuffler stampede!” A booming voice cut through the air, stirring the slower among the panicking mass of Chiots to pick up their pace. Cocoa Liquor flew above them, giving warnings to villagers, and instructions to any Explorers who weren’t already engaged. “Anyone who isn’t an explorer, get as far away from the entrance as you can!” He scanned the area below once more, preparing to move to the entrance himself, but then-
A light yellow Chiot, wrapped in a dark grey cloak, jogged through the crowd, his relaxed pace at odds with the near-chaos around him. He was moving… away from the entrance. Cocoa Liquor narrowed his eyes, and flew down closer to th
:icontrufflesvonlaw:TrufflesVonLaw 1 2
Sky Explorers - Terrano App by TrufflesVonLaw Sky Explorers - Terrano App :icontrufflesvonlaw:TrufflesVonLaw 2 1 Fireworks Upgrade - Choro by TrufflesVonLaw Fireworks Upgrade - Choro :icontrufflesvonlaw:TrufflesVonLaw 20 11 Choro Grow Up Submission by TrufflesVonLaw Choro Grow Up Submission :icontrufflesvonlaw:TrufflesVonLaw 17 1 Churros 2 by TrufflesVonLaw Churros 2 :icontrufflesvonlaw:TrufflesVonLaw 7 0 Churros 1 by TrufflesVonLaw Churros 1 :icontrufflesvonlaw:TrufflesVonLaw 9 1 Matsu Chocolate Comic by TrufflesVonLaw Matsu Chocolate Comic :icontrufflesvonlaw:TrufflesVonLaw 55 6 Onceler Valentine by TrufflesVonLaw Onceler Valentine :icontrufflesvonlaw:TrufflesVonLaw 4 2 Choro Submission by TrufflesVonLaw Choro Submission :icontrufflesvonlaw:TrufflesVonLaw 12 1 Monthly Challenge - Foodgro by TrufflesVonLaw Monthly Challenge - Foodgro :icontrufflesvonlaw:TrufflesVonLaw 3 5 Shelley - Introduction by TrufflesVonLaw Shelley - Introduction :icontrufflesvonlaw:TrufflesVonLaw 14 2 Shelley App by TrufflesVonLaw Shelley App :icontrufflesvonlaw:TrufflesVonLaw 7 4 Death on a Raft, Part 2 by TrufflesVonLaw Death on a Raft, Part 2 :icontrufflesvonlaw:TrufflesVonLaw 2 2 Death on a Raft, Part 1 by TrufflesVonLaw Death on a Raft, Part 1 :icontrufflesvonlaw:TrufflesVonLaw 2 3
PMDUnity The Defogeers Written App
Date Joined: 9th December 2014
Current Funds: 0 St
Merits: 0
Strikes: 0
Species: Foongus
Nature: Serious
Characteristic: Somewhat stubborn
Gender: Male                 Age: 37
Ability: Regenerator
Strength: 2                  Agility: 2
Intelligence: 3+2             Charisma: 2
Total Points Left: 1/10
Type Bonus: Poison -> Intelligence
Energy Ball
-Template Coat
----Description: A plain black coat, around 12cm in length, which almost touches the floor when Pluteus is standing up and wearing it. No buttons or any other method of doing up the coat.
-No Item
:icontrufflesvonlaw:TrufflesVonLaw 5 1


Submission Guidelines
How do I submit a deviation to the group?
There are a couple ways to go about doing this. The first is to head to the main PMDU page and click Contribute Art. This will pop up a large box displaying the deviations in your gallery. Select the deviation(s) you want to submit, then check the drop-down box at the top right of the popup to make sure you have the correct folder. Once that's done, hit the green Submit button and your deviations will be put into that folder.
The second method is more or less the same as the first, except you go into the folder you want via the Gallery. Once you're in, click the "Submit to This Folder" button, and the same box as the first method will show up, only this time the folder will be automatically selected for you. Select the deviation(s) you want to submit, and hit the button.
The third is accessible from your own gallery. Simply head to the deviation's page, scroll down to the Featured in Groups section (on the right side), and click Add to a
:iconpmdunity:PMDUnity 54 150
Frequently Asked Questions
Latest edit - July 3, 2014
Q: Can I import my team from PMD-E or another universe?
A: You may use your characters from PMD-E, however please realize that Parai is a totally different universe to Tao. You are going to need to leave behind any PMD-E related items or history and assume that your characters have always existed within Parai. The same goes for teams being brought in from other groups/worlds.
Q: Can I join this group at any time?
A: Yes. Members can join any time and may take part in whatever activities are on at the time of joining. New members may also complete older missions if they would like to catch up on secondary rewards.
Q: Are Alola Pokémon allowed when making a team?
A: Yes. You can use any Alola Pokémon you know of save for legendaries. You can also have an egg and hatch it into anything you want when Sun & Moon is released.
Q: Can I have more than one team?
A: Yes, you may have as many as you want.
Q: Can I
:iconpmdunity:PMDUnity 55 950
PMDU New Member Guide
Hello everyone, Sundance here. This guide is meant to serve as an introduction to the group for new members, and explains everything you need to know in order to participate. This gets updated semi-frequently with new info whenever something comes up, so if you're ever unsure how something works, please check here before asking a question.
Getting Started
How do I join?
Joining PMDU is easy. Simply join up to the DA group as a member (you will be automatically accepted), download the current recruitment form for either drawing or writing, and fill it out as instructed.
What do I need in order to participate?
All you need to participate in PMDU is a deviantArt account, an art or writing program, a way to upload your contributions to the group, and most importantly, an official application for your team. Skill level is irrelevant - one of the aims of a group like this is to provide a comfortable environment for artists and writers to improve their skills wh
:iconpmdunity:PMDUnity 264 1,156
Rules (a warning and under construction)
1) No mini-modding
I am bringing up the topic of the group's general rules, which we haven't yet written down for everyone to see, because I've seen people answering others' questions on multiple places (newbie guide, FAQ, front page).
We understand the urge to help, but I've already seen replies that were wrong or subjective. We do not want any situations arising from people who were misinformed by someone else; This is annoying for both us admins that need to clean up and look like the bad guys for changing something someone had already set up, and for that person that worked to establish something that goes against the group's rules.
It also involves calling out the attention of the person who replied wrongly. It is not nice for them, and we MOST CERTAINLY don't enjoy doing it, but as admins we have to enforce certain rules for the sake of the group.
:iconpmdunity:PMDUnity 54 83
+TWEWY+ phone twiddling by zetina +TWEWY+ phone twiddling :iconzetina:zetina 90 30
If you have a question that isn't already here and isn't in the journals, feel free to send the group a note or comment below! This blog will be updated frequently depending on the questions that get directed to us.
[ 1 January 2017 ] Some F.A.Q. questions have been updated with current rules of the group, as well as some new ones that have been asked frequently in the past few months! Please be sure to re-read through anything that you may not remember.~ And of course, ask away if there’s anything you’re unsure of!
[Reference Sheets]
[Delibird Market]
[Clutches & Breeding]
[Evolution & Move Teaching]
[Item Use]
[Gyms & Battling]
:iconpkmnation:PKMNation 32 1,789
[Clutch Corral]
"The freedom to play"
After working hard with your Pokemon by leveling, battling and exploring PKMNation, you had time to breed some new baby Pokemon. Maybe in hopes of a dream fighter? Or perhaps a beautiful and unique cross or a fusion to suit your ranch? But chances are there are more than one baby that you now have decided to find a new home for!
When you sell, or decide to keep a Pokemon from your own clutch, please post the following form below to let a mod know that the new Pokemon needs to be added to yours or another's inventory!
These are Pokemon you have obtained from a breeding and do not appear in your inventory until a moderator confirms them for you!
Once a mod confirms your receipt, you are free to go on drawing, leveling and enjoying your time here at PKMNation with your new Pokemon!
[Comment Form]
Special: (Morph/Shiny/Cross/Fusion/Rarity)
Link to Clutch:
New Owner: (use
:iconpkmnation:PKMNation 37 51,641
[Battles and Tournaments] (CLOSED)
"The freedom to play"
This Service is currently closed
You've been training your pokemon for quite a while now and both of you feel that you're ready to take on the world. Okay, maybe not the world but a friendly neighborhood sparring match wouldn't hurt! You're looking to challenge others to a battle and need to know where to start. This is the place to learn! Sign up to the Nation's Pokemon League and begin your rise to stardom!
..::Welcome to the Battle Station!::..
Pokemon battles have been a signature of the pokemon world as far back as it's starting days. It's a test of courage, wisdom, and faith. Above all those traits however lies the key to any battle; Strength. A pokemon with good current attack is bound to do well here. If you'd like to learn about how to start a battle, please read the following information in detail before sending your note!
***This system is currently in BETA and is not the finalized version. Please expect some errors
:iconpkmnation:PKMNation 21 90
[ Guide]
"The freedom to play"
Welcoming in the new age of PKMNation with the amazing help of DrakAlGhul, we would like to show you the ropes of the [] website!
The website is our new system and inventory recorder for our deviantArt group, PKMNation.
To start, you must log into the website!
The site will ask for permission to connect to your account and will look like so:
Worried about permission to your
Do not worry! We cannot see anything in your nor can we  manage it. It's just impossible to alter that permission to not access
Allowing access to your allows our system to see your username so that you can click "Personal Inventory" and do things within it! What things you ask? Let us show you~
From here you will see a side bar:
Let's begin! Your search bar allows access to view other member's inventories and Pokemon information! When you begin typing, everything on the site will auto fi
:iconpkmnation:PKMNation 59 172
[Evo Hall and Merch Usage]
"The freedom to play"
'Evolving a Pokemon may or may not require an item but regardless of that this is the place to make it official! And don't get me started on using your cool items you won and/or bought. You can be sure to let us know you used them here as well.'
This is where you come for both Evolution and Item Usage purposes. When you are ready to evolve a Pokemon or use an Item, please post the appropriate form below.
Please remember that we have a "Rule of 10" implemented along with a no-editing rule, meaning that any receipt that exceeds over ten forms on a single comment or that has been edited, will promptly be denied. You will have to submit a new receipt in order for it to be confirmed. Thank you!
[Item Use]
[Out-of-Stock Item Use]Item:
Date it was Used:
Pokemon's ID#:
Newly Added Species (If Species Swapper):
[TM/Jumble Berry Item Use]Item:
Date it was Used:
Move Being Learne
:iconpkmnation:PKMNation 44 22,937
General Rules
"The freedom to play"
[General Rules]
[Art Rules]
[Skype/Chat Rules]
The Code of Conduct applies to every member of PKMNation,
from Champion down to member, and will be enforced equally for everyone.

 Golden Rule  
The most important of all, and we will adhere to it regardless.  Treat everyone as you wish to be treated.  This means with RESPECT and COURTESY.  Be it a member or a mod that you are dealing with, they will be treated as you desire to be treated in turn.  If an issue arises between two people, then bring the matter QUIETLY and PRIVATELY to a moderator.  If the issue is with a mod, bring it a step higher.  There will always be someone you can turn to for problem resolution.
 Be fair in your dealings with others.  We all have a life beyond what we do he
:iconpkmnation:PKMNation 49 185
"The freedom to play"
Monthly Themes
Test Your Luck
Legendary Events
Prize Awards
Let's go on an adventure to see the world of Pokemon Nation! In our lovely community we have quite a few things to keep our members entertained. It's always good to have others things to do, especially if you're waiting to breed some pokemon or need to find an enjoyable way to level them up. So below you will find quite a few different things that PKMNation offers!
..::: Events
Each Month, an Event will be offered for members to participate in if they so wish to. These will oftentimes have special awards for participating, such as the chance for a Rarity Pokemon! Within the monthly Main Event, there will be smaller events taking place, each with their own Objective guidelines for participating.
However, every event, no matter when it's takin
:iconpkmnation:PKMNation 22 65
[Delibird Market]
"The freedom to play"
'Welcome to the Delibird Market, where you can find just about everything you'll need for your life here in PKMNation! Take a look around! Be sure not to break anything!'
..::: Process
Did you find everything you were looking for? Great! Once you have picked out what you would like to buy, please tally up the amount you owe and send it to the PKMNProfessor using the Donation Widget.
Use the following format in the message box it provides (you don't have to use the bullet):
Item Name x 1
**Please make sure you are not set as 'Anonymous'!**
The moderators need to see who is sending Professor points.**
Once you've sent the points, copy your item list below into a comment as a form of receipt so that a moderator can add the items to your inventory for you~! Remember, your purchase cannot be processed if you do not post the receipt here to the market. Receipts are required!
..::: The Market
:iconpkmnation:PKMNation 59 21,439
Welcome Nation members!
With the professor constantly studying pokemon and breeding starters for the new trainers,
she occasionally gets a moment to update those of us on the outside of her world.
Introducing Mega Pokemon to PKMNation!

How to obtain a mega Pokemon?
Its not something simple! First you must get a Mega Ring to successfully mega evolve a Pokemon
How do you do that? you may ask! Well you must successfully defeat three gym leaders as they all have fragments of the ring and below comment the following with links to the winning gym battle journal found on PKMNProfessor here !
Gym battle #1:
Gym battle #2:
Gym battle #3:

Once shown and commented you will be awarded your completed Mega Ring and can move to the next step of acquiring a Mega Stone!
The above information is currently outdated.
*Earning a Mega Ring may be changing with the new System. *
Through events and random drawings
:iconpkmnation:PKMNation 20 300
[Leveling, Evolving and Moves]
"The freedom to play"
Leveling Up With Art
Pixel Icons
Mass Leveling
Leveling Up With Words
The Gift That Keeps On Giving
Power Up With a Great Move
How To Evolve
Additional Information
Congratulations! You have your own little team of Pokemon and you are ready to face the world and start your very own adventure. Before you just go dashing out of your mom's house in search of the next Pokemon to catch or the newest gym leader to beat, there are some things you should really know about living with your Pokemon!
..::: Leveling Up Your Pokemon
This is one of the easiest things to do here in PKMNNation. There is no pressure to level your Pokemon and you can go at your own pace. This is very relaxing for those who hate the w
:iconpkmnation:PKMNation 103 1,241
[Breeding and Special Traits]
"The freedom to play"
Perhaps you are looking for more to do than just train and level your Pokemon. Perhaps the thought of baby Pokemon and the pattering of little feet truly tickles your fancy? Then this is the place to start!
Breeding Initiation
General Information
Special Traits
There is something to be said in the joy found when breeding your Pokemon, and seeing the results; in hearing the tiny voices that spring from the union of two of your Pokemon. Trainers in PKMNation may submit requests to initiate (send the note themselves) for a breeding three times in a given week. They may participate in a breeding (where the other person sends the note) another three times in a given week. A Pokemon may only breed ONCE in a given week, and if they have already been bred that week, then the request will be denied.  If you breed two of your own pokemon, that will use two of your slots; one initiating,
:iconpkmnation:PKMNation 70 1,255


Thanks to zetina and Feligriffin for tagging me! Here are 16 tags about the grey bookworm Shelley!

1: Shelley was born in the Nook. He has no idea who his parents are, and has no particular desire to find out. He’d rather spend his time reading his way through all the books in Wynsiph.

2: While Shelley is comfortable reading about most any topic, his favourite is subject is the theory and use of magic.

3: The only time Shelley tried to go ice skating, the ice cracked and he almost fell in. He now hates ice and tries to stay away from it as much as possible.

4: Shelley very rarely reads any fiction, considering this to be a waste of his time. When he does, it’s always murder mysteries. He refuses to read the endings before he’s solved the murder himself, and as a result, has been stuck on the same novel for the past 6 months.

5: Shelley secretly dislikes his grey colouration, and envies those with brighter colours. Although he knows it’s ridiculous to think fur colour could be related to personality, deep down, he fears that it’s a reflection of his true personality.

6: Apart from magic, Shelley’s favourite topic to read about is mushrooms. However, he dislikes the taste of the edible ones, and is too scared of accidental poisoning or intoxication to try searching for them in the wild.

7: Shelley claims to avoid magic-users whenever possible because he’s scared of the possible effects of magic going wrong (and, indeed, has read enough to know how bad this can be). However, the truth is he is simply jealous of proficient magic users.

8: One of Shelley’s greatest fears is a gathering, party or sleepover in the library – an event that would force himself out of his favourite place, for fear of having to interact with Wyngrew more interested in making noise than reading.

9: Shelley has a great respect for adult Wyngrew, especially those who don’t try to patronise him or get him to socialise.

10: Shelley will tolerate the presence and noise of Mayhem while he’s trying to read for about 10 minutes before walking away. This is at least 8 minutes more than he will tolerate any other Wyngling.

11: Despite his copious reading on the subject, Shelley has never actually cooked for himself, and secretly worries about what he will do when he eventually moves out of the Nook.

12: Shelley considers his greatest weakness to be his inability to participate in small talk, wishing he was better able to accurately express the various ideas he reads about.

13: Although Shelley would never claim to be superstitious, he always feels a twinge of unease when he encounters the number ‘13’, feeling much better after he has passed that page number.

14: Despite the copious amounts of reading he does, Shelley is actually a fairly terrible writer – he doesn’t go into nearly enough detail about whatever he’s writing about, and commits a ridiculous amount of grammatical errors.

15: His drawing isn’t much better.

16: The closest Shelley has ever come to a physical altercation was just after he met Mayhem, and was tackled while walking through the corridors of the Nook by the Wyngling. He fled to his room and didn’t leave for the rest of the day.

Bonus fun fact: I had no idea about any of these other facts before I sat down to write them; Shelley was very much a prioritisation of speed over design, and I'm only now sort of feeling my way deeper into who he is.

Tags! (feel free to ignore if you already did/don't wanna)

RedRoronoa Mayhem
ittybittypigeontitty Zero!
zetina Sorrel (this never said Letty)
Pannzilla Totty
red-anteater Plum
Feligriffin McNaiiiiiir~
RandomComicSheet Hestiaaaaa :3

Hope y'all enjoyed~


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